Saturday, August 20, 2011

Why Hijab?

word for today
tudungners= people who wear tudung

so here am i,another post for today...shawl satin,pashmina another way around to look good?..definetely yes,because it can enhance our physical appearance and increase self confidence but recently i noticed that people wear tudung because of fashion solely and not because of tuntutan agama...dun get me wrong not that im condemn people who wear it because my sibling also wears all the tudung one,pashmina,shawl satin yang berbelit2 tuh...its okai to wear it but some people wears "tudung tapi berbogel".. what do think bout this?...tudung tapi berbogel?..hurm..

things are now changed.tudung bawal ke scarf,scarf to all good things that people wears it because agama ISlam menuntut penuntutnya to cover their aurat from others.but things changed...pashmina and all the tudung one becomes the trend that being followed by people because its mainly attract people to get people attention..attention?..perhatian?..ya ya..attention to those people lah...(community)

ok guys...didn't u realized that nowdays many tudungners nowdays go into photoshoot, take many pictures as they can and post it into facebook..into their blog and recently more and more and more scarf tutorial have been post in youtube...*ok then u will said "so what?" right?..

ok then sambung blk..lepas je dari photoshoot, they will post it in their it then try their luck in hijab contest like "muslimah sejati" and the "tudungners" will becomes model to their friend and the trends will spread and be prevalence to the community...

and nothing wrong with all these above.even i'm guy...i loved fashion too.i'm craving to have up-todate fashion.for me fashion is is how you represent yourself to others.most people like fashion..and nothing wrong with all these fashion but didn't u guys realised that "sometimes" it makes we become more teralik-ralik, berbangga-bangga diri and build "takbur" in ourself...

FASHION is awesome
FASHION is passionate
FASHION is fun

again...i'm not again fashion or hijab or otherelse...people who wears trendy is awesome but what r the point that u wearing hijab/tudung bawal/pashmina/ scarflet for only show of to others?..yela..bila da photoshoot surely we will upload it into facebook, twitter, youtube and bla-bla..sometimes i think it will enhance our riak because people will comment "eh cantiknye kau neyh,putih,gebu..msuklah dengan hijab tuh"...and etc...surely da turn from our niat...sekarang what r yr intention?...cover aurat or being praise by people who look at yr the end...all of people will upload their picture and waiting people to compliment and praise their picture...


everthing and ape saje bermula dgn if u wanna be tudungners or fashion addicted,be sure your intention first...make sure yr intention "lillahi taala"...everything ikhlas for ALLAH...
*adakah bertudung/berhijab adalah satu adat atau ibadat?

Back to "tudung tapi berbogel"..i created this statement because from my view, nowdays people wears all the hijab one but ketat2 and sendat2....think and review back pengertian menuntut aurat in ISLAM...berhijab bukan about fashion,bukan sebab solehah..tapi definisya besar daripada itu..

tapi jgn merasa berkecil hati with my words..I know that not everyone is perfect...being un-perfect is perfectly normal...

Nak cantik?
Nak Comel?
Nak ber-FAshion?

ITs all can ma...tapi berpada-pada dan jgn smpai niat kita menyimpang dan menimbulkan rasa riak di hati...and in the meantime we must ask ourself "how and why hijab"

p/s: i'm apologise since i am noob and doesn't know much..and everything i wrote is from my view of perspective...I hope u all can reprimand me if my words are wrongs.and again thousand apologise if my word offended you people...kalo sayang sesama islam tak salahkan kita bincang dan share ape yang patut..

Mr. Cinderella