Monday, August 15, 2011

Do and Don't in Ramadhan

Alhamdulillah...sana helwah...Thanks to Allah for gives another opportunity to us for having ramadhan during this year...

Alhamdulillah...syukron...we can still breath during the we can increase our taqwa,upload faith and repent from all sins

Alhamdulillah...Allah gives another opportunity for me to reappear back in this virtual room...seem that i have been long missing without any entries..heee...


1.Read Al-quran
2.Do lot if Dzikr
3.Study and learn Islamic Knowledge
4.Make a lot of Duaa
5.Give Charity and Help poverty people

"Daripada Ibnu Umar r.a berkata, sabda Rasullah s.a.w, "Sesungguhnya hati ini berkarat seperti mana berkaratnya besi apabila terkena air,seorang sahabat bertanya, "bagaimana menghapuskan karat tersebut'? Jawab Nabi s.a.w., banyakkan menyebut mati dan membaca al-quran."

Al-quran is magical...Al-Quran is healing for all diseases of the liver and more important enlarges our mind and soul.Read al-quran is a great deal though it can affect our mind,soul and body...Al-quran beneficial thing to read because it softening our hearts and dispelling hard heartedness...

Ramadhan also taught us to remember to those people who lived in poverty..while we have flooded with plenty of food, many people struggle to lived and mired with poverty..those who lived in poverty, they are not experienced it for 1 days,1 month and 1 years but since a long time ago..such a sad thing to be heard...and we can help it with Duaa..remember Duaa is the weapon for muslim but do so with all your heart..Allah always be with us..

"Dan Tuhan kamu berfirman: "Berdoalah kamu kepada-Ku nescaya Aku perkenankan doa permohonan kamu." (Surah Ghafir ayat 60)

Our mind,our action reflected from our heart..

"Ketahuilah,bahawa di dalam badan ada seketul daging, apabila ia baik, baiklah badan seluruhnya dan apabila ia rosak,rosaklah sekaliannya,Itulah yang dikataknan hati."

guard our heart so that it will not

heart medicine:
1- read al-quran and understand the verses
2- pray in the middle of night
3-gathered with the religious
4-a lot of fasting
5-a lot Dzikr


1-nO eating and drinking while fasting
2-nO Smoking and try quiting for good
3- Control your eyes from "censored" thing
4-Lower your gaze
5- Avoid from condemn others
6-Don't listen to unhealthy music
7- Don't waste time on useless activity
8- No arguing and fighting among others( avoid sins)

"In this world where people are surrounded with darkness,ignorance and fear,we have to prepare ourself with religious knowledge so we are not immersed in the current modernization. In addition,during fasting month avoid from doing prohibited thing..remember that Islam is the way of life..."

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