Friday, March 11, 2011

-Friendship community-

One Community,One Voice

I do write especially to my dearest Friends

What is friendship?...

Do you Know how to measures a friendship among us?...
Do you know your friends?
Do your friend is toxic for you?

It is all about a depth-relationship with others, building relationship takes is also about sacrifice everything that we had....

CAn friendship die?

Yes,absolutely..friendship will end if there are obstacle that hamper and this friendship will abruptly end and resulting pain for others....Some of these relationships will end if there are unresolved conflict....The worst scenario for this situation is we became enemy for each others, the real enemy is the changing of friendships by one or both friends.

Take a deep breath and think closely and wisely.........
What is the point of having a conflict within others?
Is there any advantage?
Don't let your ego spurring you toward the hatred..
Don't displayed your pettiness when you deal with the friendship conflict...solve it together for Allah sake...
Don't let trivial conflict fade away our beautiful and precious memory....

i beg...
and beg
also also beg...

for those who had a conflict...don't drag your emotion toward the problems...everything can be solve by using a conversation...

Flexibility is also crucial to maintained frienship...
Just be an understanding person who understand friends the most..Learn to accept "I'm sorry to because of this conflict that incurred".Just forgive him/her because "sedangkan nabi ampunkan umat".Ini kita neyh sebagai manusia biasa.Learn how to forgive and forget even it hurt so much.

p/s: i just be able to write, what say you friends?...Choice in our hand,be wise whenever choose it.
Note:i have no intention to attack or harm anyone...PEACE

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

-Dun worry,Allah always be with us-

If we keep thinking about the fate of us here,
dun forget to stare at the people who living in poverty,

If we Keep thinking about how to be wealthy,
keep staring to them who live in joy and happiness,
then we are still not understand of the fact of happiness forever,
believe me when i said wealthy and material is not everything,

many people mistakenly thought about the peace in life,
people always associate it
with peace of wealthy factor....
although it can be a contributor but it is not everything..
dun oppress others because u have power to control something..
respect others because what are they made rather than who they are..
how many people lived in big house,sleeping on a soft bed
but never sleep with comfort..
even some people who sleep in the huts of poor,
sometimes sleep more soundly than us...
sometimes in front of him,there a lot of dishes being served,delicious food..
but he never taste good

It is not a punishment when we lived in simple live,
don't regret of being a simple man who lived in simple life,
it an honour and pride to us,
so that our poverty will tought us to be someone..
someone that community, our races, can rely to...

p/s: Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the peope with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart. Don't forget Allah always be with us and Allah has the best plans for us as his servant.

With love,