Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mrs..CInderella-Im Freaking Hate You...

so here i am,
i hate time flies like an arrow
i hvn't started to study and it tel the semester is going to end
i gained/learnt just a few things
oh, gained weight perhaps i do

thingss happened
bad one. good one. happy one. sad two
all these caught me off guard
was so unaware and unprepared
made so many mistakess. idiot me nvr tried to correct.
sorry to my friends if i have make a mistakes.

few times i wake at midnight
asked my self: what r u doing?
then i could heard : u r wasting yr life.
fml to the max i admit i do
wasting all the times messing with all those stupid stuff.

four month left.: I need GPS to show me direction.

If I lost my way
Would you stand with me
Would you love me still
And care for what I need
If I lost my way

Mrs. Cinderella i just found You back,
i just realise in few days..
u r tottally my fwen but...
I started to like you more than a friends,
would u be my next gf..?
i dun know how to say,
but my heart say "i love you n need you"

Im freaking hate you because im started to love you but i dont know if u r mean to me..
I dont know, maybe im the one who feel this way but u are conversely,

Sometimes i feel she likes me too,
but im not sure whether its true,
im not popular guy but i can be your nice guy...

p/s: i can be your MR.CINDERELLA
Sometimes life is unpredictable...just follow with the flow...

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  1. ehem. jiwang! dont hate her because you love her. its normal. people do love people :)