Saturday, August 28, 2010

the 1st step:Travell alonE without past memory..



huh(sigh)...Mommy, it about to raining I dun have to go to pasar right..hehe..trying to make an excuses so that i can do a writing thing...So here we go again,i dont know what come through my mind, but the thing is i love to write n write n write.i felt in love with this thing..haha..(poetry)..its a good thing to do....

TOday i writing again for the purpose of sharing my long journey and travell alone without past memory...What the heck..?.kakak pinjam bilik noh,i want to blogging in your room...bole kan...

Everyone have our experience in our life, the good memory will remain with us and the bad thing will be past memory....ya ya ya n ya...this is my entire adventure for my life...lately it keep playing around my mind....shuh shuh shu..go away...this is nightmare and eerie to me...what eja said to me is right "it already more than 2 have to let go this feeling"...thanks Faezah for giving me semangat nak lupakan benda tu...Eja is my Senior in Uitm Kedah..i just knew her but she is very nice person n mostly super duper single right now but also a bit sensitive..haha...Eja, i promote u neyh...hehe...So,the question is how i supposed to forget bout this thing...Eja said "you have to let it go step by step"..huh(sigh again,trying to figure out the meaning behind it)...

Lets face the fact, i am more than pathetic,yeah...pathetic....using this word again n again..flashback to my past life.....tet...error...i cannot write so much fact so it can remain secret to me but what i want to express here is there any happy ending in relationship same as fairy tale...????..we can have good relationship if one of us have the position and money?....i wonder how people will survive without money....i just want to travel alone without "her" in my comes to my dream,to my mind and sometimes i will felt awkward to have a feeling like this is the 1st step that i should do,share with others bout the story...someTimes i feel that i want to go the top of the mountain and scream for a while so she can go out from my heart...haha(bg ak masa nak jiwang ckit)...n again..shuh shuh shuh shuh shuh.....go away..go away..go away...i can have a good life without you....Grr....i can be success and richer than him in one day n i prove it to "you"...


  1. let by gone be by gone.. so upsad:( ada yang lebih baik d luar sana.. keep on searching

  2. kakak..nak comment sila guna prfile blog sendiri yerk...:P

  3. Run past the darkness that desires us all.
    Never look back, never think back.
    Take this life step by step.
    Come out into the sun.
    Show your talents and glory to the world.
    Move on and be happy.

    Once you undergo a failed relationship, the pain is always left unaided.. everyone thinks u moved on but you will later realize, u never stopped loving her, u just learned how 2 live without HER.. ok BOY???

    When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.
    Helen Keller

    rethink back...watever happend just strong n u can manage to get tru it..Insya'Allah...

  4. learn from yesterday and hope for tomorrow :)