Monday, April 16, 2012



No one perfect.You are out of your mind if u think perfect is everything

"you don't have to be perfect. you just have to be you"

Being perfect is endowment but the thing is u have to accept whenever you are. Someone might thing that they don’t like themself, they hate their body, their looks and their bumpy thighs as well. Ask yourself about your imperfect things, maybe u will give the answer without blinking your eyes.

“why I have this layers of fat?..uhhhh…

“why I have this tiny leg?

“why I’m short?..

“why I don’t have mole in my cheek?

“I’m look gorgeous if I have long leg and more slimmer.

“someone told me that my nose is like Pinocchio”..uhhh

Familiar with these words?

Rethink,rethink and rethink…20 years from now you won’t be the same with now..where are your beauty?..your slender leg?..your cheeky face?..years from now, you are not the same person as you are…erm,I mean by physically. You will be depart from the beauty, more to become older and older like “beast and beauty”*just a one will remember how gorgeous you are, how tall you are or maybe your best DP profile in facebook. What in their mind is our kindness in old days, how you treat them, your generosity, your great contribution and others.

Don’t judge the book by it cover?.you heard about it?..yeah..i’m pretty sure. The same thing goes to our life “don’t harshly judge someone by referring their physical being”. Maybe they are good looking but their behaviour can be frustrated or maybe they are simple good looking but they are very generous and kind.

Feel confident again through what you are.

Your just have to learn how to accept and suck it up.

Even me myself have to learn how to accept those things. Accept the things that lack in ourself.


The fact is we getting older.

The fact is we will full of wrinkles in a future.

Our vein will be prominent.

Our hair getting gray.


Put the best in yourself,always believe you are always gorgeous and beautiful then others things will remain unimportant.

Instead of complaining all those thing,

better be grateful to al mighty ALLAH.

p/s: turn a half blind eyes and you will look gorgeous all the times and convinced yourself that tomorrow is better than today..


ahmad luttfi


  1. setuju sangat, dalam dunia ni mana ada manusia yg sempurna melainkan Allah yang maha satu :)

  2. ya ya..the things is kita kena accept ketidaksempurnaan di dalam diri..bnyak munasabah diri dengan melihat kesusahan orang lain...tak gitu cik siti nawwarah??

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  4. done..glance thru ur so-called-mind..please update..haha