Friday, February 11, 2011

Don't ever break the spell

Hold there...dun give your heart because i will break your heart.
i will hurt and keep hurting you and so please stop....
Hold there...dun see me with your charming eyes so i won't melt...

im sorry...for the thing that i have done before...
because i'm too numb to see what worth for myself,
im not like others,
because im dun have the magic staff to heal your heart....
im sorry..i won't help you to heal,
because i have to complete the piece of puzzle in my heart,
somehow..i had lost all the feels inside me,
because the past hurt me so much.....
i am truly happy who i am and what i have now....
because experience taught me well,
i love the current life,
because its seem like perfect and everything like a fairy tales,

I can't be your mr.cinderella nor your mr.perfect.

my heart getting hard and stronger,
because i have to fight for my own future,

i don't care if there are barrier in front of me,
i don't care if there are obstacle towards me,
i'm moving..
i'm striking..
toward a brighter future..
eventhough the fog around me..
but im moving towards it..
leaving the past that haunted me all this time..