Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Be proud of yourself...

Assalamulaikum and salam syahadah to all who those read my blog...Xiawu hao..
again, may Allah always bless u all the time..Syukron al-jaziron,Allah gave the opportunity so that i can share another sense and another thought of me.Today the tittle itself is simple.." be proud of yourself"

but first of all i want you to read of this quotes

"Just do it, just strike it, just be proud of yourself and understand that individuality that make you beautiful as moon emit it light"

If u are reading this quotes,
you are the want who interested of making out yourself..
-enhance your attitude to a greater level, enhance your ability and expand yourself to be a person that enjoying yourself along your journey no matter what situation might be-

Physical appearance?
Family reputation?

How these factors influence you to be who u are and what you think?

Sometimes we always want to be a moon that can bring happiness to others.
Sometimes we always want to cheers others as much as we can
Sometimes we want to be someone that people rely and proud of..
Often we cannot describes yourself..
Often we cannot define who we are...
Often we cannot be a volunteer to lead others,
Often we tend to be shame to do something that unusual from others, you are feeling like failure,thinks that people will make a shame of u, talk behind you..

well look around you, nothing are perfect...
well come on guys, you have to start feels greater sense and pride in yourself..
it is all related to "self-confidence"..am i right?

Kecantikan, kekayaan, harta benda adalah sesuatu yang dikaitkan dengan kepercayaan diri..Seringkali kita merasa kecil kerana kekurangan, tapi fikirkan di sebalik kekurangan kita, terpancar seribu kepastian, disebalik keburukan, ada kebaikan....

renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal..

p/s:"Beauty is lies in the eye of beholder"


  1. its good...nice thought!!!
    u will get confident along the way with ur experience (either good or bad) THROUH out ur life...so watever it is...just be urself...

    confident is subjective...different people have different capabilities and abilities that they can feel proud.

    As for example u excel in ur exam...u feels confident enuf to share with ur siblings and hope they can follow u...

    U have a good looking face...people like to be with u..mix with u...get around u...u tend to be proud of that n make u feels u can be surrounded by people..."people do love me..." hehehehhe

    so watever it is...as the matter of fact, just believe in urself....from down beneath ur heart there is ur own strong desire and power that will shine throught out ur life!!!

  2. yay!!thanks eja for sharing your thought bout this..yup,it must be admitted that we have to be proud of yourself,not they,not them but start with our own...just accept the things that already in us and start to believe our capabilities then the miracle will appear...:)..

    expand yourself
    express your feeling..
    enhance our potential..
    and always believe that Allah always be with us...

    May Allah lead our way while facing the barrier in front of us...amin